2Poles1Hole – 2024.06.05 Pre Scene Riley Jacobs
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Spritely Riley is technically a MILF at 37 years old, but most would guess she's at least ten years younger than that by looking at her. Looking at her sure is fun too, isn't it? No matter what her age, Riley is undeniably married. Just check out that rock on her wedding finger. A wife for nearly ten years, Riley has been a hotwife for about five of those years. While she is clearly more sexually liberated than most women, one thing she has not tried on film before (or much successfully in her private life) is double vaginal sex! All that changes today. Fortunately Riley already likes playing with big toys, so she's properly stretched out as much as possible without having two real dicks in her at the same time, but we'll get to that later. Let's talk about Riley's bangin' body. Her boobs are a 36B (B for bodacious). Her butt is tight as a grape, and her pussy belongs somewhere on a pedestal as one of the prettiest in porn history. Just imagine how good it will look with two huge hogs stuffed in it for the FIRST TIME in her upcoming scene. Stay tuned. Riley likes more than two involved in her sexual adventures, so today is going to be right up her alley (along with those two huge hogs). We can't ignore Riley's cute mouth either, especially since she considers sucking cock one of her signature talents. You be the judge watching her upcoming scene. SPOILER ALERT- she's not wrong. While she may be an expert with one dick, a double-barrel blowjob is on Riley's to-do list today as one of the things she has never done before! Playing it coy today, Riley wore underwear to her interview, but she remedies that before the end to give the guys a peek at her world-class clam. Once it's out for the world to see, Riley starts gently masturbating with her fingers as she explains and demonstrates her technique. She graduates to the vibe wand right before her interview ends, getting herself ready for the pleasure overload she is about to experience taking two throbbing rods simultaneously in her tight pink hole for the FIRST TIME in her debut D.V. scene. This is the kind of quality you can only find here on 2Poles1HOle. Come back soon for Riley's hot D.V. premiere!
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