2Poles1Hole – 2024.05.29 Pre Scene Cameryn Morie
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Cutie Cameryn comes to us from pretty far away. She hails all the way from Virginia, a place they say is for lovers, if you believe the license plates. You certainly will believe them after watching sexy 41-year-old Cameryn's FIRST PRO SCENE EVER! While it may be her first scene, it is certainly not her first two dick rodeo. Cameryn is a real-life hotwife who has plenty of experience playing around with and without her husband. She graduated from swinger and officially donned the hotwife crown about two years ago when she also started taking two cocks in her pussy. Hubby was one of those cocks, but Cameryn suddenly felt the need to double the occupancy between her legs one night when they were sharing and has never looked back. By the way, not only is Cameryn new to the site and to shooting pro, she also has a new combo of 2Poles1HOle studs today. Please welcome Randy Denmark and Chris Cock to the 2P1H brotherhood. Cameryn helps Chris get brought up to speed quickly on some of the 2Poles terminology she is already intimately familiar with from her hotwife life. She even knows about the drive-by! As the subject turns to Cameryn's measurements, the only one she is certain of is her magnificent 32DDDs (which we get to see, thanks to Randy's curiosity). Even if she doesn't know her exact butt measurements, suffice it to say the junk in her trunk is just plain awesome! Watch her scene once it comes online and try and find a better word for her posterior. Members are also welcome to guess Cameryn's remaining measurements in the comments. One last fun fact about this week's gorgeous model, Cameryn has NO GAG REFLEX. Marvel at how far down her throat her studs' dicks go with no resistance. However, a double-barrel BJ is on her short list of things she hasn't ever done...until now. After a tasteful vag reveal at the end of her interview, Cameryn is ready to have some fun. See just how much fun in her PRO SCENE DEBUT on 2Poles1HOle!
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