2Poles1Hole – 2024.05.15 Pre Scene Piper Press
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Everybody knows the story of the Pied Piper, but today's tale is a little bit different on 2Poles1HOle. We're going to try to put two pipes in Piper's pie! Double vag has been nothing but a fairy tale to Piper up to this point because she's NEVER HAD TWO DICKS IN HER PUSSY BEFORE. However, her go-to fantasy whenever she masturbates is having multiple guys in her mouth, or any of her other holes, so today is going to be a real dream come true for Piper. This 45-year-old MILF is also a self-admitted cum addict and has been this naughty since high school. She used to try to bag her teachers. While she didn't succeed in sealing the deal with any of them before graduation, she has been trying to make up for it ever since with sexual apprentices she keeps for her on and off-camera escapades. When Piper is alone dreaming about having multiple cocks in her, she shows us how she likes to masturbate with her fingers, but likes to also have a dildo in her mouth to pretend she has more than one guy. She won't have to pretend today! Piper had her lips enhanced because she has such an oral fixation (so much so she used to be a Dental Hygienist). Those lips aren't the only enhancements she's had, however; you may have noticed her magnificent 36DDDs. Will the guys' cumshots wind up on those marvelous man-made mounds, or will cum addict Piper want a creamy deposit in her pussy after it's been stretched by two dicks? Come back and watch in just a few days as Piper debuts her FIRST DOUBLE VAG EXPERIENCE right here on 2Poles1HOle!
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