2Poles1Hole – 2024.05.10 2 Poles 1 Hole Cali Sweets
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Size 1.3 GB Post Date 2024.06.25
Format mp4 Screen 1920x1080 (16:9)
Duration 29:45 Quality Full HD (AVC)
The vibrator we have on the 2Poles1HOle bed may not be the turbo-powered model Cali says she uses at home, but it certainly gets the job done tickling her love button to get the ball rolling on her FIRST EVER DOUBLE VAG SCENE. Not to be outdone by modern technology, Will and Jaxson ooze in from the sides to tickle the rest of Cali and get her love juices flowing so she can take two cocks in her pussy for the first time. The guys each grab one of her perfect 32Cs and get to nuzzling with no danger of bumping into one another. It doesn't take long for those two poles to come out to play in Cali's hands and mouth, all the while with that vibrating wand still on between her legs. That's some multi-tasking! Before you know it, Will is in one end of Cali and Jaxson is in the other. It's impossible to ignore Cali's epic butt as it jiggles to the increasing rhythm of the thrusts. To say Cali is eager to get those two dicks in her pussy at the same time would be an understatement. Cali gets those two cocks inside her inside of the seven-minute mark, a new 2Poles1HOle record! Picture-in-picture captures the widening smile on Cali's face in the corner of the screen as we simultaneously watch her take two poles in her one hole for the first time ever! After some traditional cowboy D.V., Jaxson pops up on his feet to double-stuff her gargoyle-style, giving Cali her first double vaginal orgasm. Will gets out from underneath Cali so he can try double-parking his stealth bomber down her pink runway alongside Jaxson's. Felling a well-earned sense of confidence, Cali flips over to reverse cowgirl to take both studs' rods simultaneously in that position for the first time. Both guys slide into Cali's pussy like butter. She is loving it. Cali was so eager to get to the D.V. that she forgot to stuff both cocks in her mouth earlier, but she makes up for it in the fourth quarter. After another round of double vag in cowgirl, Cali makes Jaxson pop first for a D.V. creampie. Not one to be outshined, Will drops another load on top of it for a rare 2Poles1HOle DOUBLE CREAMPIE. It's always the quiet ones you least expect who turn out to be the biggest freaks. Will Cali come back to surprise us all again? Vote in the comments below and as Cali has sweet dreams of returning to 2Poles1HOle!
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