2Poles1Hole – 2024.03.23 2 Poles 1 Hole Aliyah Taylor
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If you thought Aliyah's clit was big during her interview, just wait until you see it swell up when she puts the vibe right on it at the beginning of her FIRST DOUBLE VAG SECENE. About the only way to make her clit any bigger would be to have two studs start grinding up on her from either side. Enter Jaxson and Will. Aliyah wastes no time in getting both their hard cocks in her mouth at the same time as practice for the double-dicking she is soon to get just south of that pumped clit. The guys divide and conquer to either side of Aliyah with Will in her pussy and Jaxson in her eager mouth. They switch it up so each can try the other side before double parking their hogs in her pink garage. Will slides in first before Jaxson comes over and fills Aliyah to the brim in cowgirl. Somehow that pesky dress has stayed on Aliyah for nearly half the scene, but the guys take care of freeing her from her polyester prison and let her entire spectacular body out to play. In order to show it off even better, Will lays Aliyah on top of him in reverse cowgirl so Jaxson can slip a second rod in her pussy while showing off her fully engorged clit. It's big! She really loves this position, so she stays in reverse, but lets her studs switch positions so she can feel a new thrill. Will is probably one of the few guys who can lift Aliyah for an air ride, so he takes full advantage before sharing her with Jaxson again. They get her back in missionary for one more round of double vag before Aliyah needs some cum. Will busts the first load on her huge clit. It's so spectacular it earns a CUMSHOT INSTANT REPLAY! Jaxson tops her still swollen clit with a second creamy helping of cum. Aliyah rubs it in after her FIRST SUCCESSFUL DOUBLE VAG scene. She is one happy girl in the post-shoot chitchat with Will and Jaxson. Aliyah definitely wants to come back for another round, but the verdict goes to you, the members. Should Aliyah keep pumping more iron (and more dicks) to prepare for a second appearance? Rate and comment down below and you might just see her back soon on 2Poles1HOle!
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