2Poles1Hole – 2024.03.01 2 Poles 1 Hole Lily Lane
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Luscious Lily had one request on how she wanted to begin her first 2Poles1HOle scene- a double-barrel blowjob! She starts out on her knees with two big dicks in her face. Shoving them both in her mouth at the same time is practice for getting them both in her tight pussy once they hop up on that bed. Lily mentioned in her interview how giving BJs is kind of her favorite thing. It really shows. She slams those sausages down her throat like it's Oktoberfest and she hasn't eaten in days! That uncharacteristically colorful dress stays on Lily as she hops up on her studs to loosen up for taking that imminent double-dicking. Taking one dick at each end comes naturally for this raven-haired rocker of cocks. It's what comes next that really rocks her world. Lily props herself up on Will in cowgirl as Jaxson slides his shaft in her pussy for Lily's FIRST DOUBLE VAG (at least her first successful one since trying many moons ago). The guys loosen her up until their pistons are pumping in synchronization like Detroit's finest muscle. Lily has never felt anything like this before and the look of wonder on her face shows it as she takes nearly two feet of cock in that same tight hole. Next Lily gets her guys in the King of Clubs position while sucking them both off, then she switches to reverse cowgirl for her first D.V. she can watch as she gets filled with double the dick. Lily comes back for seconds in this position as she just can't get enough at this meat lover's buffet and taco bar. She's worked her studs up into a froth and wants some of that froth on her face! Lily gets to begin and end her FIRST DOUBLE VAG SCENE with what she loves, two dicks in her mouth. Will pops first and gives her a glazing from her lips to her big, bouncy boobs. It's so good there's a POP SHOT INSTANT REPLAY! Jaxson double-bastes Lily's face for total coverage, leaving a huge, cum-covered smile on Lily's pretty lips. She had a good time today and undoubtably wants to come back. It's up to you, the members, to extend that invitation in the comments. Get to typing if you want to see lovely Lily back on 2Poles1HOle!
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