2Poles1Hole – 2024.02.14 Pre Scene Victoria Zdrok
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It's not often we get a former Playboy Playmate or Penthouse Pet up on the 2Poles1Hole bed, but today we get both with Victoria. A beautiful Ukranian MILF, at 50 years old she puts girls half her age to shame in looks, sex appeal, and sexual adventurousness. While she has been posing since her teens, Victoria feels she's just now hitting her sexual peak, and though she has done a lot of kinky things, today she will be enjoying her FIRST DOUBLE VAG on film. She tried it before on another shoot, but they couldn't pull it off. Victoria is in much better, more experienced hands today with the 2Poles1Hole team. Being a women of a certain age, Victoria knows what she likes. She loves to be the center of attention and to be used (a fuckdoll is actually the way she explains it). Boy, is today going to be fun for Victoria! While she has a lot of physical attributes to be proud of, her favorite is her big clit that really swells up when she is aroused. It looks pretty big just in her interview pre-stimulation; imagine how big it's going to get once she has two big dicks stuffed in her pussy at the same time. While we're on the subject of size and large things, it would be hard not to mention Victoria's glorious 34DDDs. She gives us a peak at them under her cute cherry sweater during the interview, but we'll get much better acquainted with them during her hot scene debuting in a couple days. Speaking of cherries, come back here soon to see Victoria pop her D.V. cherry on 2Poles1Hole!
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