2Poles1Hole – 2024.02.07 Pre Scene Sage Pillar
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Sexy Sage may sound like a sweet Georgia peach, but she's actually an Arizona girl who grew up with a drawling dad. While the slight accent just adds to her appeal, guys can't help but be attracted to Sage before the first syllable comes out of her button mouth (which will soon get two cocks shoved in it at the same time). Sage is blonde and booby, a killer combination on a 28-year-old hottie. She has a new combo of studs for what will be her FIRST DOUBLE VAG EXPERIENCE EVER! Suave Solo steps in for Will in Sage's double-dicking debut. Don't worry; Jaxson is still there to hold it down as the seasoned pro, though. Not only has Sage never had D.V. before, she's never even seen it! Please don't think Sage is some kind of prude; she has had a traditional threesome recently with guys she just met, just without double vaginal penetration. They bought her pizza afterward, so it must have gone pretty well. Sage's man likes to watch her with other girls, which also sometimes turns into a threesome, but no chance of getting any D.V. with only one pole in that scenario. Today will be an entirely different, brand new experience for Sage. Two big dicks will stretch her lily-white pussy simultaneously for the FIRST TIME EVER! After some comprehensive piercing debate and Powerpuff Girl talk, Sage and the guys decide it's time to pop her double vag cherry. Come back soon to see how sultry Sage takes twice the cock very soon in her 2Poles1Hole debut!
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