2Poles1Hole – 2024.02.02 2 Poles 1 Hole Kelly Caprice
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Kelly knows how to get herself going for her FIRST DOUBLE VAG SCENE EVER by massaging herself between her legs with the wand. She's still wet from the interview and her pronounced lips are already parting in anticipation of taking those two big dicks at the same time. Will and Jaxson each take a side and begin disrobing her and kissing up on her firm body to get Kelly ready to accept their doublewide load. First she gets spit-roasted between her studs before taking two cocks in her first hole, her mouth. Kelly has never done this before either. It's all an appetizer to prepare her for the double-dicking she is about to get for the first time in her pussy. Perched up on Will in cowboy, Jaxson slides in to give Kelly her FIRST DOUBLE VAGINAL PENETRATION EVER. Check out the look of ecstasy on her face as those two dicks enter her simultaneously for the first time in her life. It doesn't take long at all before Kelly is the one controlling the action and bucking back on the guys to get both their rods deep inside her one hole. The guys trade positions but Kelly continues to dictate the speed and run the show with her hip gyrations. Next she switches into reverse cowgirl and gets her double dose of dick with the addition of the wand vibrating on her clit to bring her to delicious orgasm. You can see her pussy lips trembling, whether it's from the wand or the sheer overload of pleasure she is experiencing from taking more cock than she ever has before, only Kelly knows. After that Kelly gets on her hip for some sideways D.V., the drive-by. Somehow Will works the wand into the equation to vibe her clit again while she gets those two huge hogs in her all at once. They move from there to double-stuffing Kelly suspended in the air before moving her back to the bed for more cowboy, reverse, and finally, some cumshots! Jaxson gives Kelly a load in her mouth and Will fills up her hungry pussy with cum. While this may have been Kelly's FIRST DOUBLE VAG EXPERIENCE EVER, it certainly won't be her last. She enjoyed it so much, she's already planning her return to the 2Poles studios. Do you want to see Kelly come back? We think we know the answer, but tell us in the comments and see who gets two dicks in their pussy next week on 2Poles1Hole.com!
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