2Poles1Hole – 2024.01.26 2 Poles 1 Hole Nikki Zee
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You can feel Nikki's excitement for what is about to happen on the 2Poles1Hole bed as she works herself up with the wand before Jaxson and Will descend upon her. They waste no time pulling up her shirt and sucking her boobs as she vibes herself to her first small orgasm. The seal has been broken and many more are to come. It doesn't take long for the real cocks to come out to play as Nikki gets them both in her willing mouth. She urges the guys to get closer so she can fit both their cocks at the same time, a prelude to what is about to happen inside her smooth pink pussy. Jaxson and Will warm it up by spit-roasting Nikki with a cock in both ends to give her the first orgasm of the day with real dick. Next she perches up on Will in cowgirl to take her first double vag to give her the biggest orgasm so far! Nikki takes it long and hard for what might be the longest sustained D.V. session in 2Poles1Hole history so far. She tries to beat her own record next by flipping over into reverse and putting Jaxson on bottom for more long and deep double vag using her own throat yogurt as lube. More shuddering orgasms follow as the boys relentlessly pound away at Nikki's greedy hole, doubling up the cock inside her and quadrupling her pleasure. Next Nikki goes sideways for a drive-by D.V. before going back to cowgirl. The glasses come off for most of the rest of her double-stuffing session since there is just too much sweat and passion in the room to make keeping them on an option. The heat in the room makes it so Will can't hold back cumming as he deposits a gooey load in Nikki's pussy. After some double dick sucking and enthusiastic RIMMING from Nikki, Jaxson gets his nut by feeding his load to Nikki's hungry mouth (accompanied by her sexy glasses that make a return for the finale). Nikki's first appearance may just be one of the hottest so far. Shall we invite her back for another delightful double-dicking? Tell us below in the comments what you think and we'll likely be seeing Nikki again soon on 2Poles1Hole!
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