2Poles1Hole – 2023.12.23 2 Poles 1 Hole Luna Lovely
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Clearly Luna was already getting turned on by showing off her tight pussy to the guys during her interview because it is glistening with natural lubrication as her 2Poles1Hole debut begins. She broke out the wand to work herself up even more and is bucking with every tingle the vibrations give her. Will and Jaxson help increase the stimulation by decreasing Luna's clothing and rubbing up on her from both sides. She shows her appreciation by getting the guys' dicks in her mouth, first individually, then two at once. Don't worry; it's just a prelude to what is about to happen in her tiny pussy. Will gets to be the first inside Luna's love box for her first spit-roast of the day. After switching east/west orientation to try each dick in the other hole, Luna is ready to get both Will and Jaxson's north and south poles in her compass box. Posed in cowgirl on Will, Jaxson slides that second cock smoothly into Luna for her first double vag with zero resistance. Despite her tiny size and tight openings, this woman is made to take multiple dicks in the same hole. Her first orgasm comes quickly as those XL pistons pump in and out of her simultaneously. They both get inside her just as easily when she switches it up to reverse cowgirl on top of Jaxson as they both relentlessly pound away at that same tiny hole. Will adds the wand to the equation to bring Luna to another eyes-rolling-back orgasm. The D.V. and the orgasms keep rolling too as Jaxson adds some fingers to the penetration while he pounds her. Fingers and one dick isn't enough, though; Luna needs two cocks in her again (and quickly). After that challenge is achieved, she then slides her own fingers in to get two dicks and her fingers in her one tight hole for yet another writhing orgasm. Too hot for clothing, the guys lose their dapper turtlenecks and experiment with some new positions. Will leans back with his legs folded under him, allowing Jaxson an easy second entrance to Luna's pink portal to make her SQUIRT! The guys bring another new position out of retirement as they have Luna lay on her side at the edge of the bed so they can both enter her pussy while standing. It's magic layered luvin'. The new stunts continue as Luna loosens up with a dildo and Will inside her before replacing the toy with her FIST! Jaxson follows that up with his cock and fist in Luna before one last round of cowgirl D.V. Will finally delivers the creampie he promised her, then Jaxson paints Luna's entire face with an epic load. If there was ever a woman made for double vag, it's Luna Lovely. Will she come back and figure out ways to fit more things in her tiny pink box? Large toys? Another girl's fingers? Both her fists? The sky is the limit with Luna's talents. Keep checking back here to 2Poles1Hole.com to see how we top this one!
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