2Poles1Hole – 2023.12.20 Pre Scene Luna Lovely
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29-year-old Luna Lovely may have been making naughty movies for seven years now, but she looks almost exactly the same as when she began! We're excited to have her back in front of our cameras, this time to take two big cocks in her pussy at once. However, first let's catch up with Luna to see what's new. She's married now, so we can add that hotwife and maybe MILF hashtag to her scenes. Speaking of hashtags and online terminology, SPOILER ALERT- Will plans on giving Luna a creampie today and she plans on keeping it inside her to bring home to the hubs. She says he'll also want to watch this scene as soon as it comes out to see how that creampie got there. Beyond the hotwife stuff, Luna tells us she loves two things: 1. getting her pussy stretched, & 2. being a slut on camera. This will be a good day for Luna on both counts. Her double vag origin story began early in her relationship; she discovered she could take two dicks in her pussy after being fisted and she loved it. At only 5'2, 90 pounds, and flexible, it's astounding how much and how many big dicks Luna can fit inside her tiny frame. Having conquered nearly all sizes of human phalluses, Luna wants to try traffic cones and bowling pins next. Stay tuned, but let's get back to the two human cocks at hand today. Spit is Luna's favorite lube to get multiple dongs up into her cave of wonders and having those multiple cocks sliding in and out her is the best way to make Luna cum. We may need a digital readout next to the bed today to keep track of her orgasms. The interview ends with a sexy closeup of Luna's deceptively small pussy, but watch just how much dick it can take in her upcoming scene on 2Poles1Hole!
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