2Poles1Hole – 2023.11.29 Prescene Lala Tada
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Hot MILF Lala may just be the bubbliest girl we've had up on the 2Poles1Hole bed so far. Her smile, giggle, and cheery attitude are contagious. The only time all that stops is when she gets a couple cocks shoved in her mouth and pussy (sometimes both in the same hole). Lala absolutely LOVES being double-stuffed, as she'll soon prove after we get to know her just a little bit more. A true MILF, Lala is married and her hubs enjoys sharing her on and off-camera. For the longest time most of her naughty work has been off-camera in the lifestyle or for her own platforms, so this is one of Lala's FIRST mainstream scenes. We're honored. More than just a pretty face and an amazing set of boobs, Lala has a good head on her shoulders too and left a pretty brainy career to be a fulltime mattress actress. She'll soon prove she made the right choice, however, when she shows how well she takes two rods in her pink soul snatcher. While she's had two dicks in her pussy at the same time before, this will be Lala's FIRST TIME getting double vag on a pro shoot! She's never had both guys cum in her at the same time while simultaneously inside her, so Lala lays down that gauntlet today to Will and Jaxson. Will they make her double-dicking wish come true? You'll have to watch the scene to find out. The guys take a moment to analyze what makes Lala orgasm, based on her observations about why she loves D.V. They come to a consensus that it's the pressure and fullness that she gets off on and makes her cum. Nearly a pure sub, Lala likes to be dominated and wants the guys to take charge today. She is going to leave the 2Poles1Hole studios a very happy girl. Lala ends her interview with a glorious upskirt shot of her pussy so we can get a good look at how it looks before getting stretched to the limit by Will and Jaxson's two big hogs. Lay your bets now if you think Lala will be limping to her car after the shoot today or walking with a confident stride and a smile on her face. Smart money is on the latter, but we'll monitor the comments and see which odds are favored when her scene goes up soon on 2Poles1Hole.com!
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