2Poles1Hole – 2023.11.17 2 Poles 1 Hole Vanessa Arizona
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Size 1.8 GB Post Date 2024.06.25
Format mp4 Screen 1920x1080 (16:9)
Duration 30:20 Quality Full HD (AVC)
Toned and tight Vanessa begins this, one of her first pro scenes, on her back with her vibrator engaged and pressed up closely to her clit. The guys already noticed she forgot to wear underwear today, which proves convenient at the moment. She works herself into a light froth before her studs flank her and begins kissing and rubbing on her to get her even wetter. She'll use that extra natural lubrication soon to get those two big dicks in her one eager hole. Equally eager, the guys can't wait to get her out of that tight pink dress to set Vanessa's glorious, enhanced boobs free. The double-dicking starts early, at least it does in Vanessa's skilled mouth. She fits a lot of meat in there right off the bat. The BBQ theme continues as Will and Jaxson give her a spit-roast from both ends before switching it up so they can each enjoy Vanessa from the other side. It turns out she is a world-champion deep-throater! Vanessa sneaks in her first orgasm before hopping up on Will in preparation for her first D.V. action of the day. Jaxson slides in over the top and fills Vanessa's vag to full double occupancy. She loves how tight it feels as Jaxson transitions to putting one leg on each side to hit her spot from a higher angle. Judging by her loud moans of pleasure, Vanessa likes it. Showing off her athleticism, Vanessa starts riding Jaxson in reverse cowgirl while sucking off Will, all the while giving her leg muscles quite the workout. Eventually Will gets out of her mouth and back into her well-lubed pussy with Jaxson for more double pounding. She says she feels spoiled having so much dick inside her at once. Will adds the wand on her clit and it's time for big orgasm number two! More vibe action leads to more Os for Vanessa before she suddenly has two big barbells in her little pink weightroom again. She flips over with her stomach on Will's so Jaxson can come in from behind again to double-stuff her one more time before the guys can't hold it anymore. Now the cumshots start flying all over Vanessa's beautiful body. Jaxson decorates her face first with a huge load before Will paints a gooey picture all over Vanessa's big tits, just like she wanted. Since the pops were so epic this week, enjoy a new feature where a second angle is included in order to fully appreciate the volume and intensity of jizz. Do you like the instant re-pop replay? Should Vanessa get a second shot at coming back for more double vag action? Sound off in the comments and let us know, then come back next week for more hot new girls and hot new features on 2Poles1Hole!
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