2Poles1Hole – 2023.09.29 2 Poles 1 Hole Texas Patti
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Size 4.8 GB Post Date 2024.06.25
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Texas Patti is so hot for her FIRST DOUBLE VAG experience ever, she can't help but feel herself up a bit as the cameras start rolling. She puts on a little show for the guys and rubs her pussy to get it even wetter for those two big bratwursts about to slide into her German wurst warmer. Her two studs sidle up beside her and start making out with her from both sides. Suddenly the dicks come out to play as Patti massages them both with her amazing mouth skills before Will takes first crack at pounding Patti's pussy. Quickly Patti is in a spit-roast between her two swordsmen before she jumps up on Will for some cowgirl. Remember her name is Texas Patti, so she knows how to ride 'em cowgirl. German girls don't like to waste time, so it's at this point where Jaxson slides in to give Patti two cocks in her pussy for the FIRST TIME EVER! Just looking at her face, you can see how much Patti enjoys her first taste of double-dicking in her formerly-one-way tunnel. The rhythmic motion of the double fucking makes Patti's heaving tits pop out of her hot green tube top as her studs pump away simultaneously at her hot pink box. Will and Jaxson divide and conquer, taking both sides of their hot German imported MILF where Jaxson gives Patti her first orgasm. Now that she's had a taste of double vag bliss, Patti wants more. She hops up on Will in reverse cowgirl so she can watch Jaxson stick a second sausage in her hot dog holster. Next Will puts Patti on her chest and holds her arms behind her back while he pounds her relentlessly. Not one to miss an opportunity, Jaxson puts his balls in Patti's face for some major sucking with that talented mouth of hers. After more double pussy stuffing in reverse, Patti gives her men an awesome double-barrel blowjob. She can fit 2 poles in more than just one of her holes! After Patti has had her nut, now it's time for the guys to get theirs. First Jaxson busts a huge load on Patti's pretty face, then Will blows his all over Patti's neatly trimmed bush. In a cum-drunk haze, Patti leans back on her men and reflects on what just happened. She just took two big dicks in her pussy for the first time, not only in her sixteen years of shooting, but for the first time in her life. That's just the kind of magic we make here on 2Poles1Hole!
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