2Poles1Hole – 2023.09.15 2 Poles 1 Hole Alaina Taylor
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Alaina came ready to play on the 2Poles bed and already has her skirt off and mouth open, crouched down and ready to take Will and Jaxson's cocks. While she may not have had two dicks in her pussy before, she certainly looks like she's had some experience at putting two in her mouth at the same time. Her eyes roll back in her head with pleasure as she tastes the two dicks simultaneously, fantasizing about what it's going to feel like soon to take them both in her tight love box. Will slowly and sensuously enters Alaina first to progressively open up her pink flower so she can soon increase the volume to two in the coming moments. Suddenly she's in a spit-roast with a cock in each end, savoring every inch of man meat thrusting in and out of her wet holes. Now completely nude, Alaina busts her first orgasm between her two studs. The sensory overload of all those endorphins is all over her face as she quickly recovers and readies herself for more. Hopping up on Will in cowgirl, Alaina is poised in her favorite position to take her FIRST DOUBLE VAG EVER! Jaxson slides his rod in Alaina's pulsating hole with Will's to make this D.V. first a reality for her. Their thick pistons fire away together underneath her tight hood as even more expressions of absolute ecstasy come across Alaina's overjoyed face. Next the guys pass her around and alternate pounding her pink hole to get it ready for more double dicking. Giddy with sexual joy, Alaina is ready for more pussy stretching action in reverse cowgirl with 2 poles in her 1 hole. Her sugar walls get stretched to the limit with those two huge hogs pumping away inside her petite pussy. It's one more flip for more duo dick action in cowgirl before Alaina wants some cum. Facials are her favorite and her studs are here to deliver. Jaxson decorates her face first, followed soon after by another donation by Will, leaving Alaina's face a beautiful, cummy mess. Not to mention the two huge loads on her face, Alaina won't soon forget her first experience with two cocks in her pussy. 2Poles1Hole is the place the hottest, nastiest girls come to have their holes stretched to new limits. Who will it be next week? There's only one way to find out; come back soon here to 2Poles1Hole.com!
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