2Poles1Hole – 2023.08.18 2 Poles 1 Hole Charlotte Chanel
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Size 4.9 GB Post Date 2024.06.25
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Duration 38:24 Quality UHD (AVC)
Sexy Charlotte is reclining on the 2Poles bed, finding herself very relaxed. She is so relaxed, in fact, that she breaks out the wand and is pleasuring herself to the thought of the two cocks that are about to share her soft pink hole. She leans back in an ecstasy that pales to the joy she will soon feel when filled with two throbbing rods. True to her pillow-humping past Charlotte told us about in her interview, she bears down on the vibe and rides it so hard she gets the whole head of it inside herself! It's a good thing since she'll need to make room for the double-piston pole action she is about to receive. Scotty and Will start feeling up on Charlotte as she finishes her practice ride on her battery-operated stud. Will replaces the appliance with the real McCoy while Charlotte keeps her mouth occupied with Scotty's growing member. She brings it to full life as the guys begin spit-roasting Charlotte to the sounds of increasing moans of female pleasure. Scotty takes his turn as she gets even louder with bigger and bigger orgasms. Her outbursts reach a crescendo as she takes her FIRST DOUBLE VAG ON CAMERA in cowgirl. Charlotte can't help but tell the camera how much she enjoys getting stretched out by two huge cocks in her pussy. She cums again and again as the guys relentlessly double drill her hole. The room is getting so hot, Charlotte has no choice but to get completely naked as she takes more dual piston pounding. She flips over to take double vag in reverse cowgirl as her pussy becomes as wet as a waterslide tube filled to double its capacity. Charlotte cums so hard at one point she pushes both dicks out of her pulsating pussy! Next Charlotte flips on her side to take those 2 poles in her 1 hole sideways. This is a first for her and she absolutely loves the new sensation. The wand comes back into play for some overstimulation of Charlotte's clit before the guys finally get their nuts. Scotty paints her face with his load moments before Will plants a huge creampie deep in Charlotte's thoroughly stretched out lady-parts. From the cum on her face to the jizz dripping out of her, Charlotte can't hide her happiness inside and out. Having two cocks inside her pussy at the same time gives her that glow on the outside. Charlotte wants to come back to the 2Poles bed again, but that is entirely up to the members. Sound off in the comments if you want to see more double vag fun from Charlotte on 2Poles1Hole!
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