2Poles1Hole – 2023.08.16 Prescene Charlotte Chanel
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MILF-y Charlotte may be pretty new on the scene, but she is no stranger to taking dick. A happily married women, she still likes to get her kinky kicks with other guys while expanding her horizons. Her horizons won't be the only things expanding today as Charlote takes two cocks in her pussy for the FIRST TIME ON FILM on the 2Poles bed. In her interview, we learn that her hubby is totally into letting her bang other guys and likes to watch whenever he can. Charlotte started swinging, then recently transitioned into doing the nasty on camera to turn her man on (and let's not forget her sexy self too). Feeling two dicks inside her is one of Charlotte's favorite things in the world. It's been over a year since she's felt that sensation, so imagine the pent-up desire that's about to explode when she gets Scotty and Will's rods in her simultaneously! Charlotte tells us she's never had both guys cum in her while in double vag. Will today be the day? The answer is coming soon, but what comes even sooner is Charlotte demonstrating to us how she masturbates with a fully charged vibe! It turns out she forgot to wear panties today, but that makes it even easier for her to show the guys how she likes to tickle her bean. A self-described pillow humper, Charlotte likes to lay on her tummy and rub her clit after warming up with the wand. We get to see it all before Charlotte tells us she knows how to massage more than just her own lady parts; she is also a real masseuse. This is a lady of many talents. She is about to show us many of them involving her mouth, boobs, butt, and of course, her talented va-jay-jay that is about to make its double dick debut on 2Poles1Hole!
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