2Poles1Hole – 2023.07.28 2 Poles 1 Hole Kyla Keyes
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Size 1.5 GB Post Date 2024.06.25
Format mp4 Screen 1920x1080 (16:9)
Duration 34:38 Quality Full HD (AVC)
Kyla built up a lot of sexual energy talking about double vag and other naughty things during her interview; now it's time for her to let it all out (and let those two dicks into her tight pussy)! She coyly tries to give Will and Jaxson some blue balls by lowering her dress after doing her striptease, but she can't hold onto the illusion that she doesn't want both of them for very long. She starts by kissing both the hard shafts presented to her but doesn't forget to pay special attention to the balls too. Kyla makes some spectacular mouth music when she sucks cock, which only makes her two studs stiffer as they trade off penetrating her from both sides. Will grabs her to himself for an air-ride. However, not one to pass up an opportunity, Jaxson soon slides in to make it a D.V. air-ride, a 2Poles1Hole first this early in the game. Kyla doesn't even have her dress fully off yet, but she soon remedies that to get fully naked. The guys resume spit-roasting Kyla as she works up to her first SQUIRT of the day. That works her up into a froth as she dives for Will's taint and gives him some deep RIMMING action as she repeatedly cums on Jaxson's dick. Switching to cowgirl, Kyla lowers her athletic hind quarters onto Will's pole and rides him for all he's worth until Jaxson can't resist sliding in again for more D.V. She likes a few spanks as she gets stretched out from the inside. That turns her on even more as she begins rocking back on the poles and controlling the speed herself. After she dismounts, Kyla whips around to taste herself on both her studs before hopping back up on her steed in reverse cowgirl. This causes more SQUIRTING before Jaxson moves in to increase her pussy to double occupancy again. Kyla's legs shake with sexual fervor as she orgasms over and over with two poles inside her one tight hole. Fuck! is about all Kyla can say as she gets relentlessly pounded by two dicks, that is until she fills her mouth with those cocks again immediately after they pull out. The guys repay her by getting into some serious FOOT ACTION with her before working up to give Kyla her well deserved cum. CREAMPIES are her preferred method of delivery and that is what she gets, one in missionary and one in cowboy with more D.V. in between! This may be the best 2Poles1Hole scene yet, and that's going up against some STIFF competition. Agree? Disagree? Tell us in the comments. Either way the next girl has her work cut out for her as she tries to top Kyla's epic performance on 2Poles1Hole!
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