2Poles1Hole – 2023.07.26 Prescene Kyla Keyes
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Size 1.5 GB Post Date 2024.06.25
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Duration 11:40 Quality UHD (AVC)
It's impossible not to notice instantly how blonde MILF Kyla Keyes positive energy fills the room. That energy will serve her well soon on the 2Poles bed as she tests the population limits of her taught, tight, athletic hole. She'll need some major endurance to take on (and take in) two stiff, beefy rods today. At 42-years-old (tough to believe, but we checked her I.D.), Kyla has had some D.V. experience before, but never at the 2Poles studios and never with new guy Jaxson. Will notes how hard Kyla goes in her scenes and she estimates this one will be a 9.75 on a 10 scale. Will looks intimidated, then he outright admits it. Kyla's 9.75 is most women's 14. This is going to be a fun one, guys. While she may score high on the scale for energy, her inhibition level is low. Sub-zero. Kyla is up for anything that makes her and her partners feel good. She loves the friction of two cocks rubbing together inside her pussy and can't wait to feel this new combination of men today. Kyla keeps an unfurnished basement and is completely smooth between her legs, allowing for the best possible view of the double piston action about to occur. She's even trying to bang her laser hair removal technician. Did we mention she's a chick too? Remember, Kyla is sub-zero on the inhibition scale. Kyla revels in her sexy MILF status, but wants to make it long enough to reign as a GILF queen before she retires. Goals. Will characterizes Kyla as strong and that's exactly what this 2Poles scene is about to be. Come back soon and watch Kyla melt the camera lenses of 2Poles1Hole!
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