2Poles1Hole – 2023.06.14 Prescene Nadia Noja
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Naughty Nadia was born to be a 2 pole princess. At just 23 years of age, she has never had two dicks in her pussy before, but today she is going to try it out for the FIRST TIME with Chris and Scotty on-camera. Lights, camera, 2 pole action! Nadia is nearly a Pole herself, born near Poland in her native Romania. She even schools us in a little dirty Romanian vocab, saying some sexy words in her mother tongue to get herself in the mood to take two studs in her tender hole at the same time. Talking dirty in Romanian starts to get Nadia visibly wet as she exposes her tight, pink pussy. At first glance it looks far too small to take two big cocks at once, but the hotter the questions get, the hotter Nadia's body temperature gets between her legs until her honey hole becomes a well-lubricated holster for two poles. However, before those poles group up in that hole, we have to learn a little more about Nadia and what she likes in bed. She is a clit girl who loves lots of attention paid to her little love button while she gets fucked. Nadia also likes some kissing, choking, and a little slapping during sex too. The gents eventually get up on the bed with Nadia to start practicing some of the positions they'll employ to fit both their shafts in her increasingly wet hole. A wand helps Nadia get even gushier until Chris and Scotty just can't help but get undressed to make Nadia's FIRST DOUBLE VAGINAL PENETRATION a reality on 2Poles1Hole.com!
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