2Poles1Hole – 2023.05.17 Prescene Liv Revamped
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Lovely Liv is perfectly perched on the 2Poles1Hole bed, ready to be probed with questions before her pussy gets probed by the simultaneous double dick action of Scotty and Chris. Before the interview can even get started, the guys can't help but notice Liv's epic ass (and that she's not wearing any panties). She's more than happy to spread her legs and show off her tight pussy that will soon be filled with two cocks. She flips over and presses her legs together to make her lips look like a perfect burger slider. The men of 2Poles1Hole will be sliding into her soon enough, but first we need to learn a little more about Liv. Frankly the guys get distracted quickly by staring at Liv's P.H.P. (Pussy Hair Pattern). It's a perfect straight line right above her sexy slit. After she slides her short skirt down to cover the goods and get the guys back on track, Liv does tell us that today will not be the first time she has had 2 poles in her 1 hole. Ever since she was first D.P.'d, she wondered what it would feel like to have both dicks in her pussy. She made it happen a while ago and loves the feeling. Today she's back for more. Liv loves to be stuffed up, in her own words. After both dicks have done their deed at once inside of her, Liv tells us she likes them to leave a nice creampie as a memento. Accenting her tiny 4'11 frame, Liv says she has aggressive nipples. They're always hard and always want to be part of what's going on around them. There will be plenty going on today with multiple dicks in Liv's tight, tiny hole. Her interview ends with her bookended by the studs of 2Poles1Hole who can't wait to get inside her at the same time. You'll Liv for this scene! There's nowhere else to see action this hot and D.V. scenes this intimate except 2Poles1Hole.com!
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