2Poles1Hole – 2023.05.03 Prescene Lilly James
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MILFy Lilly is up on the 2Poles bed, flanked by two cocks, and she already has one in her mouth before the cameras could even get rolling. That's just the white hot sexual energy Lilly radiates to any man in her vicinity. They can't help but stick their dick (or dicks) in her. The first hole she gets two cocks in is her mouth. Scotty can't resist fondling those enhanced 34Es while she sucks the guys off, getting their poles ready for her hole. Chris plunges into her first while she continues sucking Scotty. It didn't come up in her interview, but it turns out Lilly is an expert at making bird calls, particularly the Gawk Hawk. She keeps going, Gawk, gawk, gawk on those cocks. A MARRIED woman, Lilly's husband loves to watch her with other men, especially more than one. It will blow his mind to see those two dicks destroy her pink hole at the same time. After some cowgirl rides, it's time to double-stuff that MILF pussy. Both dicks slide right in as Lilly watches herself get filled in the mirror. Yes, yes, yes!, she exclaims as they pound her deeper and deeper simultaneously, eventually making her SQUIRT! Next Lilly flips around in reverse cowgirl so the guys can both stuff her the other way around before they get her on the side for some spoon D.V. This horny MILF can take all the dick these two can dish out before extracting their loads from them. Lilly gets a double facial as a prize for her hard work taking two cocks in her wet pussy. Lilly needs to come back next time to see if she has any other holes 2 poles could fill at once on 2Poles1Hole.com!
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