2Poles1Hole – 2023.04.17 Prescene Erin Everheart
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Erin naturally gives off a pretty pixie princess vibe when you look at her, but today she is going to become a 2 pole princess! While she may look somewhat innocent on the surface, underneath she is a dirty, dirty girl. Bless her for that. The guys start her off by explaining what 2 poles 1 hole means, but the devilish glint in Erin's eye make it look like she already knew. Soon Erin admits she's actually had 2 poles in her pussy at once before. She actually wants to come back and be the first girl to get two in her butt to make it a first for the site and for Erin! What Erin really likes about two cocks in her pussy at the same time is the back-and-forth friction she can feel inside her. She also tells us how she likes to be used by multiple guys for their pleasure. Getting them off gets her off. She also likes to be choked, sometimes by her own braids (four feet long each, by the way). Having her hole stretched out really turns Erin on. She was practicing with one of her biggest toys before coming to the 2Poles bedroom today. Erin is also MARRIED to a guy who loves watching her get stretched out by other guys, then having her come home to him. He fucks her again and she gets turned on all over again when he calls her a whore. What a cute couple! After all this sexy talk, Erin starts to get hot and begins rubbing herself between her legs over her skirt and panties. This interview is one of the shorter ones because Erin is so eager to get those 2 poles in her 1 hole. Not much warm-up is necessary with this sexy, horny nymph who is about to get double-stuffed in her tight pussy on 2Poles1Hole!
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