2Poles1Hole – 2023.01.18 Prescene Kay Carter
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Married M.I.T. (MILF-in-training) Kay is a 24-year-old double vag virgin! This will be Kay's FIRST TIME EVER taking 2 poles in her 1 hole. She may have had more than one dick in her dainty little mouth before, but her honey hole has been a one-at-a-time thoroughfare until today. Four fingers fit up there, but no fists or true double dickings (yet), only hubby and a dildo so far. Kay has been making dirty movies for two years now and her husband is TOTALLY into it. He loves watching other men have their way with his wife. Imagine how quickly he'll get off when he sees two guys fucking her in the same hole in this scene! While Kay was once in a throuple before with two dudes, they never dicked her down at the same time. Kay says she wants her studs to aim their loads at that little dent under her neck. She loves to watch a guy cum right as he pulls out. Kay will get an extra big thrill today as she gets to watch two guys pull out simultaneously. It's all about making dreams come true for the ladies here on 2Poles1Hole.com!
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