2Poles1Hole – 2022.12.31 Prescene April Storm
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Mysterious raven-haired April couldn't wait to get started for her FIRST DOUBLE VAG experience ever. Randy and Scotty flank her with dick at both ends as this unique, round robin installment of 2Holes1Pole gets started. Scotty takes her mouth while Randy eats her pussy to get it all lubed up for two dicks. They switch sides as the permanently hard nipples on April's perky tits point straight to heaven. One more flip and it's Randy pounding April while Scotty relentlessly face-fucks her mouth and seemingly endless throat. April next gets on all fours for Scotty to fill her from behind while Randy tries out that throat. At Scotty's urging, April chokes on Randy's dick to tighten up her already petite pussy. It's going to take some serious stretching to get two dicks in her heavenly hole. As the relief squad fills in for Chris this week, Randy tags out for Rex who steps in to double up in April's super tight pussy. She mounts him in cowgirl so Scotty can slide in for April's FIRST DOUBLE VAG ever. I'm so full!, April exclaims as she experiences a feeling she's never felt before in her whole life (or her hole's life). The guys rotate between her sweet mouth and pussy again before teaming up together in her pussy one more time in cowgirl. April also stuffs 2 poles in her 1 mouth hole before working the guys up to cum on her. They paint her face for 2Poles1Hole's FIRST SIMULTANEOUS DOUBLE FACIAL! There's always something new and exciting happening on the Internet's favorite double vag site, 2Poles1Hole.com!
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