2Poles1Hole – 2022.05.03 Prescene Electra Rayne
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The electrifying girl you see up on the 2Poles1Hole bed just happens to be named Electra. Appropriate, right? She is the FIRST GIRL EVER to get filmed taking two dicks in her pussy for this site! Such a special occasion calls for a special girl and Electra fits the bill perfectly. Scotty and Chris fit their shafts inside her perfectly as well, but this is not Electra's first double vag. She has practiced a little, but will hit the big time today in the first scene dedicated to double-dicking her in her tight, pink hole. The first time Electra heard of D.V. was in the movie Orgasmo and she had always wanted to try it ever since. She says she finds it easy to fit two cocks in her vag and loves the feeling inside. Electra is already planning her return to this site to be the first girl to do 2Poles1Hole with anal! However, before we get there, here are some other fun facts about Electra: 1. She is bi and has a female partner. 2. Electra loves horses and owns one in her native Illinois. Today will be all about taking those two horse-sized cocks in her pussy simultaneously. Scotty and Chris practice a couple positions for optimal D.V. with clothes still on, but those won't stay on her long with Electra showing off that sexy booty of hers to the guys. To cap it off, Electra boasts she can fit anything in her pussy. We're about to find out on the scorching debut scene of 2Poles1Hole.com!
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