2Poles1Hole – 2022.05.03 Prescene Cecelia Taylor
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Petite redhead Cecelia is up on the bed ready to get her FIRST DOUBLE VAGINAL experience ever. There are still a lot of firsts for Cecelia to experience, but having two cocks in her tight, pink pussy is one she couldn't wait any longer to try. She not only tries, but succeeds! Before she can succeed at taking 2 poles in her 1 hole, however, she has to suck on her studs to get them ready to share her pleasure hole. Her mouth is the first hole Chris and Scotty share as Cecelia gets wetter and wetter between her legs. They loosen her up by putting their cocks in opposite sides of her before teaming up both their dicks inside Cecelia's willing pussy. The look of ecstasy on her face as she takes two guys at once in her one tight hole must be seen to be believed. It's easy for Cecelia to appreciate it as she watches herself in the mirror at the moment of insertion. Fuck!, she exclaims as two cocks take her teen hole for the first time ever. They slide in with increasing ease as Cecelia takes both her studs' dicks in a variety of positions before she starts taking their loads. She gets one on her smooth, shaved pussy and one all over her glasses and face. This may have been Cecelia's first time taking 2 poles in 1 hole, but it certainly won't be the last!
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